Here’s my tentative schedule for 2017. If you live in Missoula, let’s carpool to some out of town races!

April 23rd – Grizzly Triathlon (Sprint), Missoula, MT

April 29th – Montana Hell Ride, Missoula, MT

May 7th – Bloomsday 12k

May 13th – Don’t Fence Me In 30k

May 20th – Troika Triathlon (Half Iron), Spokane, WA

May 21st – 11 Miles To Paradise, Quinn’s Hot Springs, MT

June 3rd – Pengelly Double Dip Trail Half Marathon

June 24th – Glacier Half Marathon

July 15th – Tiger Triathlon (Olympic), Colville, WA

July 22nd – Mount Sentinel Hill Climb, Missoula, MT

July 29th – Butte 100 MTB

August 5th – Snowbowl 15k, Missoula, MT

August 19th – Polson Triathlon (Olympic), Polson, MT

August 26th – Bitterroot Classic Triathlon (Sprint), Hamilton, MT

September 1st-3rd – The Rut Vertical Kilometer, 28k, and 50k, Big Sky, MT

October 8th – Portland Marathon, Portland, OR


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