Here are a few pages that I like. You might like them too. Check ’em out!

  • Missoula Bicycle Works: A great local bike shop in Missoula. Also happens to be my place of employment in the summer. Stop in, say hi, and maybe get yourself a new bike!
  • Orbea: Bicycle company that I am an ambassador for. They make rad bikes. I have spent the last three seasons racing on Orbea bicycles, and am a big believer in the company’s mission and the quality of their products.
  • Orca: Triathlon apparel company and one of my sponsors. I race in the 1.5 Alpha, which is a total game-changer of a wetsuit in terms of comfort and speed.
  • Rolf Prima: Some of the fastest and most stylish wheels in the business. Handbuilt in Eugene, Oregon.
  • Team Stampede: The club triathlon team that I manage and race for.
  • Montana Cyclocross: An up-to-date blog on the goings on in the cycling community in Montana.
  • Run Wild Missoula: A running club based in Missoula. They put on a lot of really cool events and foster a wonderful fitness-based community.



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