Of mountains and politics. And more mountains.

Of mountains and politics. And more mountains.

Once again, perhaps predictably, several months have passed since any words have been published to this here site. I’m going to blame my record-breaking streak of blog neglect on a combination of factors. Every time I sit down I feel that I get sucked into another article about a certain presidential candidate¬†inciting violence and racism, then of course I have to veer left for a bit and read some articles about who is going to get the distinguished honor of walloping said candidate in November. After I convince myself that Bernie still has a chance, I spend some time scrolling my Facebook feed, which confirms this conclusion, because Facebook is just one big soup of confirmation bias. I’ll take what I can get. While I’m on my political streak, I check in to see how the Supreme Court nomination process is going. Congress still not doing their job. Cool. I’ll check back in a few days and see if anything’s changed. Oh hey, and might as well check on the governor’s re-election bid. Not too much on that though, still pretty early. It’s tough to get anything done in an election year, right?

Switching gears, I scroll through some other blogs that I like to read from time to time, take a look at some bicycle eye candy, and when I finally splash over to my WordPress site, I decide it needs some updating. I put up my 2016 race schedule, add a few photos to the site, and move things around a little to freshen it up. There are many paths to effective procrastination, many of which can be viewed as productive in their own way.

My favorite kind of procrastination, though, is going outside and climbing a damn mountain. This technique is unique in its ability to kill an entire day, produce excellent memories and sometimes photographs, promote fitness, and expand one’s geographical horizons, literally and figuratively.

Stark Mountain
Descending Stark Mountain a couple weeks ago with Forrest, Sequoia, Kava, and Quasar. There were several face plants by everyone, including the dogs. Photo by Kailee Carnes.
Starting the year right. On top of Mount Sentinel on January 2nd. Photo by Kailee Carnes.

It was a great winter of adventuring, and even some racing. I participated for the first time in the Runners Edge Treadmill Challenge, which was about as brutal of a 10-minute race as I can ever imagine. I also raced my second OSCR 50k nordic ski race, cracking the top 10 this year in my second skate race. Add that to the inaugural Snowbowl Rando Radness Randonee series, the Missoula Telemark Challenge race series, and a few good trips into the backcountry, and it was a busy winter sliding on snow. Kava also ran her second half marathon at the Snow Joke at the end of February, setting an 8-minute PR and winning the canine division in 1:30!

That said, I am excited for spring! My run mileage is higher and more productive than ever, and with a new bike on the way (see previous link), I am excited to get out on the road and see what the season has in store. This will be my third season racing on the Orbea Ordu, and I couldn’t be more excited to try out the re-designed OMP frame.

Wednesday night “Wednesday Worlds” group rides have started up already, and Monday night casual rides will start up next week (April 4th). For those of you who are in Missoula¬†and want to join in on these rides, both meet at Missoula Bicycle Works at 6pm.

There, I did it. I successfully wrote a whole blog post (albeit a short one) without checking in on the election news. Until next time, keep adventuring, and don’t forget to vote!