The big block of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas (collectively known as “The Holidays”) is a wonderful time for visiting family.

This past week, Kailee and I (along with my mom) had the chance to make a short foray into the warmer climate of Bakersfield, California, where we visited with my sister, her husband, and my three darling nieces.

So, of course, this is what we did:

I mean, what else do you expect?

Above we have the twins, Zoey and Abigail, who are two and a half years old. Little Amelie (14 months) was a bit more content with the scooter for now, but her bike is ready when she is:

Keepin' up with the sisters!
Keepin’ up with the sisters!

After a wonderful visit, which included a trip to “Christmas Town”, the most over-the-top display of Christmas cheer I have ever seen, we headed back home to find all the snow had melted. So much for skiing, let’s go ride bikes, right?



My next day off is Sunday, so I’m hoping that either the rain holds off, or it gets colder and turns to snow. I will plan my activities accordingly.

As of next week, Monday and Wednesday night trainer rides will be happening. Monday, 7:15pm at The Runners Edge, and Wednesday, 6:15pm at Missoula Bicycle Works. Come join in! If you don’t have a trainer, just bring your bike, we have a few nice loaners, courtesy of Cascade Fitness. I’m looking forward to rebuilding the bike fitness before next spring. Zoey and Abigail are clearly training hard, and I don’t want them to pass me up just yet!



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