Some photos and thoughts from the last couple weeks

I have a tendency to get carried away when it comes to races. I have found too many of them that I like and can’t bear to skip, so I often stack up races almost every weekend for two months. While this is a lot of fun, it’s not a great way to get results. Not only does it not allow time for good quality training, but with the focus always on the next race, there is very little time to step back and appreciate how awesome springtime in Missoula is.

This spring, I built a 6-week break from racing into my schedule, in order to focus on work, home, and training. I couldn’t have picked a better time. It’s been a beautiful spring for riding, running, hiking, gardening, and doing anything else outside. I’ll admit we could use a little more rain, but I’m going to just appreciate what I can get as far as weather for now.

Cody Butler Creek

I have been leading a Monday night “no drop” group road ride each week, and it has been great to see the variety of people who make it out. I’ve had a lot of beginners show up, several people doing their first group ride ever. It is also a wonderful way to build a recovery ride in after each weekend. Above is my friend Cody, who I have known for years, but just got into riding last season, climbing Butler Creek.

I’ve been able to get out on the dirt a couple times as well. The Rattlesnake is finally clear of snow, and the trails are riding great! When I don’t have a group to ride with, it’s hard to beat a good grind up to the overlook. Below is the Kona Precept Deluxe, which I took out for a demo ride recently. Although it’s a little more squish than I’m used to, it was a roarin’ good time!

Precept Overlook

One of my favorite running trails in the area is this one of the south side of Mount Jumbo. It’s a 15-minute jog from my front door to the trailhead. Perfect warm-up!


All the while, Kailee’s been working hard to make sure we have food this summer. I try to help where I can, but I’ve gotta be honest…she does most of the work. Garden’s looking great, and these guys are in line, waiting patiently for beds to be cleared out for them:


It’s time for meals to start looking a little more summery too!

Lentil Burger Meal

If you need a good lentil burger recipe, check out Scott Jurek’s recipe, which is in his book, Eat and Run. While you’re at it, just read the whole book. It’s good.

This is all making me wonder why I am inside writing right now…


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