Things I did last weekend:

1. Hiked to this pretty cool spot, with some folks I don’t see too often:

Portland Trip
(L to R) My dad, his girlfriend, my younger sister, me, and Kailee

2. Ate this donut:

One of the best photobombs I’ve seen. Photo courtesy of Lisa Chen.

3. Rode my bike here (gotta burn off that donut):

Columbia River Gorge Ride
It was raining! Portland, how could you do such a thing?

4. Sang karaoke (I do this approximately once per decade):

No photos of me singing, but this proves I was there. Photo courtesy of Lisa Chen.

5. Stayed up until 2:00 in the morning (see #4)

6. Also went on a bike ride with this guy:

Dad Bike
Check out the sweet custom Surly!

So yeah, it was a pretty fun weekend. Then I came back home and I was all like:

Monday Night Ride 2
Oh hey, this is awesome too! Photo courtesy of Peter Leclaire.

So anyway, life is good, the northwest is awesome, it was 70 degrees yesterday, and soon I should be getting a chance to remove this thing from its current station in the closet and go make some waves:

Lookin' forward to it!
Lookin’ forward to it!

10 days until the Grizzly Tri. Can’t come soon enough…


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