Ski commute!

This weekend, it snowed. Then it snowed some more. It kept snowing.

Since I avoid driving the car at all costs, there are three ways that I get to work:

1. Bicycle – I do this about 95% of the time.

2. Bus – I do this when it’s bitterly cold, dangerously icy, or otherwise just not fun outside. I do this about 4% of the time.

There’s 1% left, and that’s reserved for those few special days each year that there happened to be two of this weekend. When there’s just too much snow for the plows to remove, it’s time to bust out the old-school wooden Bonna skis that I bought at a thrift store for $15 several years back.

Jesse Kailee Skiing

This is Kailee and me skiing through the streets of Missoula a couple winters ago. Photo credit: Jake Wilson.

The novelty of being able to ski to work is half the fun. People wave and smile as you go by, and it just feels different. On a couple occasions in the past, I have stopped to help push cars out of icy intersections, and sometimes it can just brighten your day to change things up from the regular routine.

Additionally, it’s a better workout than biking to work, or even taking the bus. Although the latter can sure get your heart rate up sometimes. It’s like getting a little bonus fitness that doesn’t really feel like work, at least until I realize my legs are super-sore a little later because I haven’t done any skiing at all this year until this weekend.

So yeah, next time it snows a ton and you don’t want to drive or bike or take the bus or do anything else that involves wheels, which are clearly inferior technology for slick conditions, have an old pair of beater skis on hand and allow a little extra time for your commute. You’ll love it!


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